1. Where are the sessions going to be held?

We will be holding in-person sessions at Eastwood Collegiate Institute (760 Weber St E, Kitcehener, ON. However, special events may be held at various locations depending on the nature of the activity. Join our Whatsapp group to stay updated regarding the events.

2. What can I expect these sessions to be like?

Students are enrolled in Holy Quran (focusing on Quranic Arabic) based on their level and Islamic studies (Diniyat) sessions based on their age. On Sundays, in addition to these sessions, we hold Dhurain prayer session where the children learn to pray and understand the different rulings in congregation. We also hold short sessions at the beginning of Madressa to mention the notable events in Islamic history that we commemorate throughout the year.

3. How old does my child need to be to start at Madressa?

We accept children as young as 4 years old and try to inculcate Islamic teachings in a fun manner. The focus at this stage is to be in an Islamic environment and learn the basics of our religion while they are exposed to such an environment.

4. What do I need to do as a parent to ensure my child's success?

We strongly encourage our parents to be a part of the Madressa team by volunteering. From our experience, children learn the best when they observe people who they admire involved in activities within that same environment. If that is not possible, we ask parents to revise the material students have covered in Madressa regularly by simple questions. Moreover, make sure that their child is meeting Madressa requirements (i.e. coming regularly on time, dressed properly, has proper stationery, etc.)

5. How do I register?

You can register your child here.

6. I would like to sign up as a teacher but I do not have any experience nor I am sure if I have the skill set, what should I do?

The first school that child attends is their home, parents being the first teachers. If you feel you do not have the skill set, we provide training sessions to help you with that part of your journey. In addition, our curriculum has been developed specifically for children living in the West with workbooks and material to aid in teaching. You can sign up by clicking here.

7. I do not want to teach but I want to help, is there something I could do? I do not have enough time.

Absolutely! We have several different roles that require support. These range from supervision of children, administrative duties and various others. Even if you cannot commit to coming weekly, we have roles that require a less frequent commitment. Even if you have a few hours to spare, that would be much appreciated. You can sign up by clicking here.